Successful instagramers have a big chance of becoming famous and be featured on the  main instagram website. Who doesn’t like fame. It sounds like fantasy that this luck can fall on you. Who knows where the luck lies,maybe you are the next celebrity. You need not be a pessimistic nor I’m I convincing you to be a dreamer.My little research will not guarantee you this instagram dream but I’m certain it will take you somewhere. Can you tell a story with a photo? They say a photo is worth a  thousand words.maybe it is. But the composers forgot one crucial thing;mentioning or relating the cliché with something to do with a good photo. A good photo is a necessity here,taken with an objective in mind by a ‘wannabe’ famous instagrammer.

Well, this guideline tips will take you steps  ahead or even be an eye opener.

(i)Establish an instagram theme – use or base a name related to that theme. The name should be short, catchy and easy to remember. You should not make your followers struggle to find you. Internet suffers  are very slippery,slightest bore and they are gone. There are many content to look at on the internet and you need to keep that in mind. To stand out you need to bend laws. Your customers or followers are your bosses and you need to go with their wishes;what they love and like. You can buy Instagram followers if necessary.

(ii)Put a photo of yourself and not of objects. You should also buy  an idea of using your real names . ‘Put a lid on the lingo’ and leave your privacy at home. If you want to be famous why should you hide your face?. if you have decided to go public you should also not mind putting  afew private stuffs on your instagram page.

(iii)Choose hobbies-identify a hobby that you think many people will tend to like. Share it .you can as well take a snap of you enjoying your hobby i.e ball games,swimming etc. you will get fans who fall under that category and they will notice you as you have something you share in common. People who havesomething that bide them together tend to understand each other’s tastes and feelings much better.

(iv)Specialize and seek to learn as many as possible instagram applications. Be a smart photo editor. Exploit and manipulate photo softwares. I emphasize on unique quality photo.

(v)Enable and let fans get to know the other side of you. Do you run a blog or a website?leave a link. Interlink your instagram profile with other of  your social media profiles i.e facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc

(vi)Follow other instagrammers- show support and encouragement to other instagrammers. That way they will reciprocate. It is so hard to become famous without employing  this tactic.

(vii)Use your photos to tell a story-This is an excellent opportunity to showcase you skills and thump your chest on the talent you got. Make sure to upload photo that can highlight you proficient work and make you stand out.

(viii)Be smart-know which kind of photos people like best by being a keen observer on other instagrammers’s profiles and photos. Upload this kind of photos.

(ix)Track your rise to fame by softwares such as statigram and other instagram tool.Thissoftwares will provide you with a chart that can give you a clue on your profile proceedings.